Capturing My Thoughts

I can’t even imagine what my world would be like without these three letters WWW. There is not a day that goes by that I am not in some way, shape, or form making a presence on the Web. I have listed my top 5 opportunities for using the web below:

1. Social Networking – I began social networking with MySpace. I was ecstatic that I could communicate with so many people who I had lost touch with since I went off to college. I also loved the fact that I could completely personalize my space and showcase my interests for others to see. I loved sharing music selections and photos with friends and family. Eventually, I heard about this thing called Facebook. At the time, I was new to the social media world. I thought Facebook was actually a book that was given out to freshmen at colleges to help them identify people… WOW… I know… that was stupid. I have come a long way, and now Facebook has definitely tromped MySpace. I am 100% addicted to Facebook and being able to know what is going on with my friends and family on a constant basis. I also love to share what is going on in my life. I can’t forget to mention how often I play games through Social Media sites. It has however, become a time consuming addiction that I am working on… I’m kind of worried that this new Social Media class that I am taking is introducing me to all these new places, which could potentially become just as addicting!

2. E-mail – Although E-mail can be very annoying at times, it is amazing how information can be sent and responded to in a matter of minutes. Being able to communicate in written form is so much easier for me than to actually speak with someone. It allows me to collect my thoughts, and edit as needed before I actually send it.

3. Online Bill Pay – Never be late again! Trying to remember paying paper bills was always a struggle, but now with online reminders and online bill pay, I never miss a payment, and everything arrives on time!

4. Medical Information – The WWW is a plethora of information and forums, who needs a doctor?!? I am constantly looking up medical information online. I like to do my research and hear other people’s experiences about certain situations. Before the WWW, I remember using a book called Home Remedies… hahaha…

5. News/Entertainment – If I miss a sports game or a tv show, so what… anything I need to know and more can be found online. I can even watch it online. What’s going on in the world? Ding… my alert just went off on my iPad… I never feel left out on what is going on in the world. My technology sources keep me up to date on every piece of news happening around me.

Now for the disadvantages….

1. Privacy – Once it is out there… it is out there forever.

2. Safety – I love to shop online, but I am always afraid that somehow someone will get my credit information, or the site I am shopping on is not a legit site. I also worry about someone accessing my personal photos and/or information and using it against me in a negative way.

3. Time – The Web can consume your life if you allow it to! This is something I am working on…..

4. Career – There is always a chance that something I posted, or something online about me, could get me fired.

5. Overwhelming – Sometimes I just feel like I can’t keep up. With so much information, I feel like I am on overload.




Comments on: "My Top 5 Personal Opportunities and Dangers of using the Web" (2)

  1. Stacy,

    Before the ubiquitous Facebook we know and (mostly) love came to be, many schools did actually print a “facebook” of sorts, with pictures of all the students in a particular hall, class, major. In fact, up until just a few years ago, the UD Honors Program printed a directory of all students in that program and distributed it.

    Coincidentally, I just watched “The Social Network” this weekend and while Zuckerberg hacked into the electronic “Facebooks” of various houses (residence halls) at Harvard, they, too, were originally printed directories.

    So you weren’t that far off the mark.

    • That makes me feel much better Mike! I finally got Facebook down after a few years… now I’m trying to figure out this Twitter business. It is driving me crazy!

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