Capturing My Thoughts

For my latest class assignment, Jim was asked to make changes to my WordPress page and my AboutMe pageI decided to title this Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, because the place where I was at the beginning of this class and where I am now is completely different. I have also shifted my attitude towards a more professional outlook for both of these tools.

AboutMe Page

The original page had a background that meant nothing to me. It was just a template that I found to use. The picture I had used was a very playful photo with mother Phillie Phanatic and I. The quote I chose was “One Day at a Time,” which was okay, but not very attention grabbing. My tags were very personal, for example, wine, labradoodle, Phillies, etc. They were just random things that interested me. My description/bio was very basic and didn’t have much of a focus.

New AboutMe Page

My new page is more of a “ME” page. My name stands out with a bright green color that contrasts with my background. My catch phrase is Why YOU should know Me, which I believe intrigues a reader to want to know more. The purpose of my new page is to promote my educational interests. There is an open invitation for my followers/readers to contact me to network about technology in the k-12 sphere. All of my tags include education and technology which also flows with my phage nicely. The picture I chose to use in the background is a place that I know very well. It displays my interests in traveling to relaxing places.

WordPress Page
I never took a screenshot of my old page… but here is the new and improved look…

Overall, I liked my WordPress page.  After looking it over, my background was pretty boring with just a girly, childish feel. I changed the background appearance to a retro looking camera to show the capturing of my thoughts, which also became my catch phrase. I changed the background to a darker shade to allow for the colors to stand out.


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  1. I love the shout out to Jimmy Buffet in the title!

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