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Recently I have noticed a trend in education, which saddens me. Years ago teachers chose to stay in the education profession for 25+ years. Today, teachers are leaving the profession within 5 years. Why is this happening? From my personal experience, and from what I have heard from other teachers, there are many reasons. Teachers use to be able to just teach the kids, but today, teaching has become part of a two-fold job. With all the latest trends in educational reform, districts are trying to be number one. They are adopting the latest fads in education and quickly rolling them out to their staff. Sometimes adopting more than one idea at a time. They then expect teachers to just adapt to these changes. Much of teaching has become paperwork; collecting and analyzing data. With all the latest demands, it is hard to find time to teach. Planning time has been taken over by meetings. Meetings in the morning, in the afternoon, wherever there is extra time. This forces teachers to come in early and work late hours. Almost always flowing into personal/family time, including the weekends. All of these extra hours are not compensated. Could you imagine asking another employee to work extra hours and not be compensated? I think not!


Oh Ya Know…Just ANOTHER LFS (Learning Focus Strategies) Training.

So after thinking about my personal experiences, and what I have hear from people around me, I decided to check out what others were saying about this topic.
One Teacher: Why I Quit – One teacher’s story about why she quit.

Teaching: The Profession I Will Eventually Leave – Are teachers considered professionals, or even treated like one?

Giving up a Career You Love –  What makes a teacher leave a career they love

Why Do Teachers Quit?


Why They Leave according to NEA

I am hoping that one day society will realize a teacher’s worth, and that school districts and the government will understand that a teacher can only do so much. Quit burning teachers out!


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  1. This is the main reason why I took the last few years off. I’m refocusing, getting some more educational experiences and guiding my son into his elementary school years. I love TEACHING – connecting with the kids, inspiring them, helping them discover new things. But the never-ending initiatives that don’t get implemented correctly, the mundane data reports that keep indicating that the kids don’t respond to these initiatives, and increasing demands leave little time for actual teaching. And if you want to be effective at all, no time for family. Is it worth it? I don’t know if it is under our educational system. It seems clear that we need some changes made from the top. Maybe instead of competing with other districts, states and countries we should be collaborating. Why don’t we focus on giving education that makes a better world? Because at this rate, our world will in many respects be in a state of destruction.

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