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Is it Fair?

So in thinking about this week’s assignment, I am wondering if my previous post on my blog is considered fair use… I used an image that I found from google images to show the highlights of Twiducate. I used a caption to explain where I got the photo from, and I linked the photo to the original source where I found it. But is that good enough? I am doubting that my use was legitimate because I just edit copied, and edit pasted the image. I do not feel like there was any transformativeness. I did not use it to repurpose. I am basically using it for the same reason it was used before. But I am wondering if I am adding value to it, because I am promoting their social media site. Any suggestions?

After looking at all of the resources provided this week on fair use and copyrighting, I still feel very cloudy on the subject. I still do not feel comfortable using copyrighted materials. Before this class, I would say that I was a “See No Evil” teacher according to Renee Hobbs. However, now I am just afraid to use anything.

It seems as though much of the fair use policy is very subjective. Maybe I am understanding this wrong, but, I see this as if you can justify why you are using something, it is ok… but if it comes down to it, it is a judge’s final word. It also appears that educators get freebies for mistakes with copyrighting if they explain that they truly thought they were using it for the correct purpose.

After watching the A Fair(y) Use Tale by Eric Faden of Bucknell University, I decided that the kind of use of copyrighted material that I am comfortable using is taking a small portion of material and completely changing the way it is used. For example, I can take an image, but add speech bubbles, or take snippits of a video and use it in a completely creative way.

I guess what I am still up in the air about, is being able to use images from google images, and how to correctly use them. I know there is creative commons, but google images is much easier to find images that I want to use. I would appreciate any feedback on my copyright issues.

Here is a great resource to use with your students to teach them about copyrights and fair use.


Comments on: "Is it Fair?" (3)

  1. I have similar confusion on the matter. I am often uncomfortable using images or information from sites in my work. I find that I overly cite sources whenever I am uneasy about this.

  2. I think you’re fine with the images you used. If you use the Cornell U. checklist as a guide it meets the following: Educational use, not for profit (not yours, anyway!), small quantity used, is appropriate for educational use, and does not have a significant effect on the marketplace. If I was the judge, I’d rule in favor of you – no copyright violation.

  3. My rule of thumb is when in doubt play it safe and get permission.

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