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So for my tool exploration project, I decided to use Twiducate, which is a social networking site for students. I could not believe how user friendly this site was to use. Out of all of the social media sites that I have explored for using in the classroom, this is by far the easiest and most useful. Check out my tutorial below to learn the basics about Twiducate.

Twiducate Basics – A tutorial by Stacy Kotch-Jester

In thinking about how to use this tool specifically in my 4th grade classroom, I decided to use it as a way for my students to answer/discuss Essential Questions. Our curriculum is developed around Essential Questions that act as road maps for student learning. At the end of each lesson, students are expected to answer the Essential Questions in journals. I think the students would put more effort and be more excited to post their answers using Twiducate. This would allow for discussion amongst students, as well as an actual audience. Currently students are recording these answers in journals, and we typically only get to share a few. Using this tool, all students’ answers could be voiced and commented upon. I would also be able to better understand which students are understanding the concept.

I also will be using this tool to post educational links for students and parents to use at home. Each week I can assign a new link, and have students explore the link and share feedback in the discussion boards.

In searching for how teachers are using Twiducate in the classroom, I came upon this blog:
How One Teacher Tweaked a KWL Chart using Twiducate
I found it interesting how the use of this tool completely changed the KWL chart experience. In elementary school, we use KWL’s all the time. With this tool, it will be a much more meaningful experience with vast ideas to help spark other students.

In my search, I discovered these ways to use Twiducate in the classroom

Twiducate in the Classroom by: Alicia Moore

35 ways to use Twiducate for deeper learning

Trying Twiducate

Twiducate on Pinterest

Check out Twiducate on Pinterest


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