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Keep Calm and Teach On

So when asked to create a meme, I really wanted to do Honey Badger… however I felt he was a bit inappropriate for an educational message. I chose to use the overused Keep Calm posters. I created my meme using THE KEEP CALM-O-Matic meme generator. I decided to keep my message simple. Keep Calm and Teach On. In the teaching profession, you must constantly keep calm. You might have a day where your lessons are flat and your students are not understanding you… you must keep calm and teach on. You might have a group of administrators randomly  walking through your room distracting you and the kids… you must keep calm and teach on. You could have parent emails or the red light blinking on your phone with a voicemail from a parent… you must keep calm and teach on. The copier could be broken and you don’t have all the materials you need for the day… you must keep calm and teach on. There are so many instances in teaching, where you must keep calm and teach on. But don’t worry… afterwards, you can Keep Calm and Wine On!


Comments on: "Keep Calm and Teach On" (3)

  1. I like this very much. How many times have you felt frustrated due to something out of your control adding “drama” to your day? Well… keep calm and wine not whine on!

  2. This is one of the most frequently used images for memes. A student of mine used this last fall for a meme about academic honesty (Keep calm and act with integrity) and she explained the history of the original poster, which I found really interesting. I wonder if the UK government in the 1940s could ever imagine the longevity of their idea.

  3. seems synonymous to me!

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