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Information Flow and Dashboards

I have explored many different tools this week to help me organize my social media life. Here is a brief overview of what I learned about each one, and how I can use it personally.  My two favorites were and Netvibes.

Google Reader
This tool made it easier for me to keep track of everyone’s blog posts. Before using Google Reader I was going through and clicking on each person. Now the most up to date posts are already showing. I came across this PDF which shares various ways to us Google Reader in the classroom. My favorite was the idea about blogging with other elementary schools.

Using if this then that is a quick and easy way to share posts to multiple places at once. I really like this tool because it saves me time!!! I was able to share my blog posts automatically with my Twitter page with a simple recipe using a trigger that enables an action. This tool is a great way to share bookmarks with colleagues. I can bookmark to Diigo and then have it updated on my Twitter page, my dropbox, or even my blog, and only have to post it once. I could even have it emailed right to my team members.

HootSuite allows me to organize my social media sites by using tabs. I have a tab for Facebook and once I click it, my page is organized into three columns Wall Posts, Pictures, and Most Recent. This saves me from doing a lot of moving around the page, because it is all right there. The other tab is my Twitter in which I can create certain streams for whom I want to follow. it also organizes my sent tweets, my  mentions, and my home feed all on one page.

One of my favorite tools from this week is Netvibes. It is like having everything right in front of me. I can have my social media, my sports updates, my pictures, my interests, all in one place. It saves me a lot of time from clicking around. It keeps me updated by refreshing every so often. I can manage everything right from this dashboard. What I really liked about this, was that it wasn’t strictly social media. I could basically add anything that I would typically do on the Internet to my dashboard. It is like a personalized web for me. This would be a perfect tool to manage all of my daily responsibilities at work.